Girlfriend Pillow Offers Flat-Chested Comfort

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Add this Girlfriend Pillow to that Lap Pillow we showed you a few years ago, and you could end up with a whole girl, minus all that bothersome yapping. This one takes the concept a step further, quivering with delight thanks to its internal vibrator that runs on two D batteries.


Looks like they put the double Ds in the wrong place. Too bad the designers chose to make this $14.99 pillow so flat-chested. What about that old saying, "Anything over a mouthful is wasted"? We disagree. In fact, we're hoping the next version will contain a couple of double-D-sized flasks, strategically located.


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I happen to know FOR A FACT that a pair of DDs are very comfortable to rest your head on as well as they contribute greatly to stress relief. I also know that between the DDs is a great place to stash the remote, or a cell phone, or well...anything else you can think of...