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OK guys, here's the deal with the meetup: if you want to come watch a sweet minor league ballgame with some Giz editors and your fellow readers, now's your chance. We're going to the Brooklyn Cyclones game on June 28th, which is a Saturday. We'll be getting field box tickets for ourselves, which are $15, so we recommend those, but tickets go down to $8 for bleacher seats if you're so inclined.


Just click here or call 718-507-8499 to grab your tickets. If you want to get there earlier, Astroland, the Coney Island amusement park with the famous Cyclone roller coaster is within walking distance.


We'll probably go out for beers after the game at Peggy O'Neills, so look for us in the stands during the game or parking lot afterwards or just meet us there. We'll set up a twitter with details as to where we are during the game closer to the event itself.

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