Get On Board with Giz's NYC Summer Meetup!

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Hey guys! We're working on the plans for this summer's NYC Giz meetup at Coney Island, and it's looking awesome. But we need to know how many people to expect, so you need to sign up to be guaranteed your share of whatever we have organized to give you.


Interested in coming to Coney Island, playing with some gadgets, riding some roller coasters, participating in (or at least watching) a hot dog eating contest, drinking beers and going to a baseball game? Who wouldn't be? It'll take place on Saturday, June 28th. It'll be an all-ages affair, so don't worry if you're under 21 or want to bring the kids, but don't expect us to buy any of you rascally teenagers beer.

If you want to get on the update list and make sure you get whatever we have planned coming to you, email with your name and how many people you'll be rolling with. And are you a company interested in getting involved with the meetup? Email me at Let's talk.



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