Who's Up for a NYC Gizmodo Meetup at Coney Island This Summer?

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Since the Tahoe snowboarding meetup was such a success, we're gonna do something similar over on the east coast. Specifically, in NYC. Right now, I'm thinking it would be a blast to go to a Brooklyn Cyclones game at Coney Island, either preceded or followed by some good beer drinking/hot dog eating/roller coaster riding. Anyone interested? Have better ideas for a NYC meetup?


The Cyclones' season doesn't start until 6/17, but we can get group rates on the already-cheap tickets if we get more than 20 people together. We'll also be near the original Nathan's if anyone wants to have an impromptu eating contest. Also, it's Coney Island! There are rides and sideshows and the ocean! How can you go wrong?

So what do you guys think? Let's talk it over and figure this thing out.

Update: Right now I'm looking at a home game at 6pm on Saturday, June 28th, so pencil that in to your calendars. Tickets will be a mere $12 each, because minor league baseball is awesome. We'll probably meet earlier in the afternoon to hang out before the game and then head over when we're good and full of beer and hot dogs and close to dying of sun stroke.


Mr. Damage

Maybe what Gizmodo could do is a whirlwind tour of all major US metropolitan areas. You know? Meet readers, drink beer, enjoy local cuisine, shove hot major gadgets down Chen's pants in front of Gizmodo readers like you and me.

Imagine, it could be bigger than McClintobamain Straight Talk into White House Express coming later this year. Or even, dare I say it, bigger than the Krusty Rib farewell tour. Besides, it will work wonders on those pasty blogging tan, or there lack of.