Giz Wants to Give Work to Striking WGA Members

Hey, TV writers! Yeah, you awesome folks on strike. I'm talking to you. Are you sick of not writing? And not getting paid as a result of not writing? It's understandable. Well, we here at Gizmodo want to help you help us help you (help us).


If you write for a show and are on strike and are interested in doing some writing for us on pretty much whatever the hell you want (as long as it's somewhat related to the sort of stuff we cover now), shoot me an email and lets talk about it. We'd love to get you in front of the keyboards again, even if it's not for the shows that you're used to writing for. And hey, we pay based on traffic, which is just like residuals, so you can get used to that for when you do go back to work after getting your demands met from those dickbags at the studios. Note that we won't be able to toss work to every single writer who's interested, but we'll do what we can. Those of you who write for sci-fi shows such as Futurama or Battlestar Galactica will get first dibs and big, wet, sloppy, fanboy kisses.

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