Gizmo VOIP: Now with Skype-Eating, Booty-Free International Calling

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First, Skype made their outgoing calls to landlines and cellphones in the US free. Now, Gizmo VOIP is giving them the "Nyah Nyah" by giving away international phone calls to real numbers in 60+ countries. They, unbelievably, call it their All Calls Free plan.


The catch? After the Jump.

Gizmo will only dial to other registered users. And they scale your talk time with the number of friends on your contact list. (They don't disclose the exact algorithm, so who knows what that means - a minute per friend per month?)

Still, we're talking about dialing international for free. And Gizmo has nifty features, like sound effects, call recording, and Google mapping. You know, for phone stalking. Also, Gizmo won't work with a lot of the Skype devices, but is SIP-based, so it should be compatible with a lot of other clients. Anyone know anything else about Gizmo vs. Skype?

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Gizmo is great. I use it to call Japan. Screw Skype and all their proprietary crap. Everyone should use Gizmo so I can call more people free.