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Wondering why there is a picture of a cute, kitten? Well you Google the word genocide and try to find a tasteful picture to go along this post.

No, I'm not actually killing off hundred of commenters, but I'm about ready to. You folks have to stop the double posting. Our commenting system gets wonky sometimes, and when you submit a comment it won't show up immediately. Hell, one of you, *cough*strider_mt2k*cough* even feels the need to leave comments saying "push" just to get their original comment up. The publishing delay is no excuse to rewrite the post slightly and resubmit. The original comment will go up, just give it some time. Stop the double posts or you and the kitten will fall victim to our ban hammer.

Wanting a magical and magnificent commenting account? Fill out the witty and spellchecked comment and select a username and password. If the comment is good enough we will approve it on our end and you will have a magical commenting account. Behave though, or fall victim to an execution.

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