Gizmodo Editorial Assistant Wanted

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Hello, we're looking for an editorial assistant in New York City.

We're looking for an junior reporter-type with both tech knowledge and some editorial experience in NYC to work with our current team. This is a full time gig and will be paid accordingly.

The requirements:
• Journalistic and editorial experience (at a real print or web publication). This is not optional!
• Above average tech knowledge
• Passion for technology and nerdy things
• Ability to be self-motivated and self-directed but also work well in a team
• A genuine desire to write
• You must be in New York City


The gig:
• Reporting on meetings and events either in a team, or by yourself
• Tracking down the best gadgets and entertaining stories on the internet
• Helping us pull together stories
• Writing. Yes, you're going to be writing. The stuff you see on Gizmodo? You're going to be making it.

If that sounds like a bucket of awesomesauce, send an email to with the subject "editorial assistant." Then, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you're perfect for the job, and paste your resume at the bottom of the email. (No attachments. Seriously. Or you're already fired.) Deadline's July 15.


We really look forward to hearing from you, if you are awesome.

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