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Here's the person we're looking for: Somebody who loves gadgets and knows them super well—you're so good you don't even know it—and who can write about them in a way that doesn't suck.


The requirements:

• It's a New York City gig
• Know your gadget shit. The guts, the design, who makes what, why they make it that way, which gadgets suck and most importantly, which ones are awesome. You need to live and breathe gadgets.
• A couple years of writing about gadgets or tech professionally, for a website or magazine or newspaper.
• Awesome explainer skills. You don't just need to know gadgets, you need to be able to explain dork things to people who are not dorks in a way that they won't fall asleep and drool on their keyboard, but will in fact be riveted and want to be slightly dorkier as a result of your awesome gadget writing.
• Reviewing skills. You need to be able to tell people the best gadgets to buy—for real life—and why.


The gig's full time. The pay is competitive, and so are the benefits. And you'll be a core part of the daily Gizmodo mix. Apply here: with the subject "NY Gadget Writer." No attachments. We're really looking forward to hearing from you (if you are great).

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