GIZMODO JAPAN: Let's Super Happy Fun Times Starting!

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Hello, from the land of the greatest gadgets on earth! My name is Jaime Manzone and, as Gizmodo's Japan Editor, I will be taking on the enormous task of bringing the wide range of Japanese gadgets to your browser: Cell-phone tech you'll have to wait 10 years for, car-navigation systems that put google earth to shame, robots designed to take care of grandma (so you don't have to), and of course toilet seats packing more functionality than the average American household.

When I'm not busy flattering myself with purikura snapshots for blog self-introductions, I write about Japan-related nonsense over at The ODK, and create UI-licious web applications to put rice in the cooker.

A big thanks to Nick Denton and Lockhart Steele (damn that's a cool name) for handing me the mic.