Hello, we're looking for another intern to work in New York City. Here's what you need to know and what we want:

What You Need
• Gadget love and knowledge
• An alarm clock, 'cause you'll be up eeeeeearly every morning
• Basic experience with HTML, Flickr—the internets, essentially
• An NYCish address (you need to be able to get to Manhattan in the morning with no problems)
Dedication—the job's fun, but it's definitely work
• Writing experience is a definite plus, but not 100% mandatory
• The ability to listen and follow instructions - basically, you're here to learn and build up your knowledge-base


What You'll Be Doing
• Spotting amazing stories
• Helping us pull together stories
• Supporting editors in the field doing live reporting, SWAT-team style
• Writing, eventually, if you're awesome

BTW, this is a springtime internship—we'll be doing calls for a summer one in a few months, so if you're currently a student, just hang tight for a little bit.

The pay is abysmal—you can get a fancy coffee or two everyday, but not much else other than a small stipend—but you'll get top-notch experience with the well-oiled blog machine that is Giz, learn lots of dirty jokes, and yes, get to play with cool gadgets you couldn't afford on your own. Send your resume—NO ATTACHMENTS, DEAR GOD, NO ATTACHMENTS—and tell us why you're the best person on earth, or at least in NY, to tips@gizmodo.com, with NYC INTERN in the subject line, otherwise we might miss it. Good luck!


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