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Gizmodo's commenter community is the best in all the interworld. But it doesn't just take care of itself. We need someone to spend an hour or so a day moderating comments, for a little cash and a lot of glory.


We'll teach you how we determine what what makes a good comment and who should be approved. You'll work with our editors to promote good comments and wield the banhammer against trolls.

If you already spend a good amount of time in the comments, this could be just the post for you.

Here are some things that don't matter: what time zone you're in; if your resume is properly formatted; if you work other jobs, don't work other jobs, or are currently a student.

Here are things that do matter: you're over the age of 18; you're dependable; you're level-headed; and you have an hour or so everyday you can spend working with Giz comments.


You won't get any free gadgets, but you will receive a stipend of $100 a month and our undying gratitude.

Sound like the internship for you? Send an email to with the subject "Comment Intern" explaining a little bit about yourself and why you'd be good for the job.


Banhammer courtesy EagleApex

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