Gizmodo Staff Moving On Up

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The winds of change are gusting to 50 knots here at the Giz, with one veteran moving up and another departing. Charlie White, who's been at Gizmodo since November, 2005, is getting a long-overdue move to Senior Associate Editor, for his unbeatable combination of technical knowledge, fine prose and unending energy. This is as good as it gets for an editor. A fine gentleman and a fine writer.


Also, Travis Hudson, whose no-nonsense voice has become the heart and soul of Gizmodo, is graduating from Kansas State University soon, and his last day at Giz is on Friday.

You may not realize it, but Travis isn't just the youngest fellow on staff. He's been here two years, which makes him the resident veteran (two years is like 12 blogger years). He's been dependable like a clock through that time. His exponential growth and rock-solid posts have been a major factor in Gizmodo's success.

He's been consistently productive here while many of his collegiate colleagues spent time hugging toilets and doing bong hits. I mean, what were you doing in college? Frankly, when I was his age, I was playing Starcraft down at the Boston U SMG computer labs, and drinking a lot of gin.

Travis, Gizmodo will never be the same without you. We'll miss you, buddy.

Readers, love him while you can. In his own words, GFY.


Joel Johnson

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