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While you were away having a life this weekend, we spent the entire weekend showing you the ins and outs of both the PS3 and the Wii. Oh yes, we got our hands on both the PlayStation 3 and Wii on Friday and went to town. Downtown. Here's what you missed:

Wii and PS3: Complete and Synchronized Unboxing: Simultaneous unboxing. First ever.
Wii Startup Video: What does the first startup and setup look like?
Nintendo Delivers Wii In Ice Cream Trucks: Our Second Wii came via Ice Cream truck. No lie.
Extensive PS3 Interface Walkthrough: The menus looks pretty slick

HTML PS3 Interface: Take a PS3 for an Online Test Drive NOW: Try it yourself, HTML style
PlayStation 3's Backward Compatibility Demoed: See how your PS2 games will look
My PS3 Scratched In 10 Seconds: It's not that noticeable
PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Controller Impressions: I like it
Complete PlayStation 3 Media Tour: Media playback. See it.
PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Tour: Blu-ray Playback. See it.


Lots more after the jump.

PS3 vs. Wii: Console Contents: Which one comes with cooler stuff?
PS3 & Wii Q&A: How to ask us questions
The Wii Remote's Timeout Screen: Aren't you curious?
PS3 Media Playback: Complicated: We figured it out eventually
PS3 Slideshow Video: 3D Photos Are Wonderful: They really are
PlayStation 3 Media Interface HD Video: The media interface explored
PS3 SIXAXIS Controller's Battery Is Kinda Replaceable: Only if you're handy with a screwdriver
PS3 Timesaver Tip: HDMI Not Enabled At First: We think it was our TVs
PlayStation 3 1.10 Update Released: The update was slooooooow
PS3 Vs Eye Chart: Menu Hard To Read on Small HDTVs: They're really hard to see from the couch
PS3's Charge Cable vs. Xbox 360's Charge Cable: Length v. Width
PlayStation 3 Unpantsing: This was not what scratched up the PS3. That happened the day before.
PS3 Dissected—Prettier than Expected: Oh the huge manatee!