Glass Toilets Make Your Art Your Masterpiece

Glass Toilets are the remix natural evolution of your run of the mill porcelain tank. Ironically constructed from acrylic, the transparent nature of the tank allows you to add theme to your throne in just minutes. Maybe the dolphin has always been your favorite animal, or maybe you just crave a few moments of meditation with Buddha (seriously, it's an option). So, have you ever seen what 2,660 vertical pixels of glass toilet looks like? Hit the jump for the entire mega collection in one big-ass jpeg.

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The important thing to remember is that Glass Toilets were someone's Dream. Day in and day out, they encountered their white, artless, fully opaque toilet tank and saw a missed Opportunity. After several years of honing their pitch at cocktail parties followed by drunken tears and reassessment of their life later in the evening, the creator of the Glass Toilets was ready to Take The Plunge*. [product via redferret]

*'Take The Plunge' is our entirely imagined slogan for the product and in no way represents the trademarks or intention of parent company and full Glass Toilets rights holder Glass Toilets.

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That's cool, but it needs blue LEDs.