GlucoPhone: A Cellphone for Diabetics

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Good news, diabetics! No, there isn't a new gadget to magically make all delicious foods sugar free, but there is a new cellphone out that can manage your diabetes easily and conveniently. This phone, from the folks at HealthPia, is essentially a cellphone and glucometer. It will measure blood sugar levels, record and send results to yourself and others and even manage your meal plans. The system uses custom software along with an LG UX5000, VX5200, or LX350 and a Glucopack. My pops is a diabetic, now while he isn't technologically savvy, I would still feel better knowing he could monitor his blood sugar level anywhere he goes. Good job, HealthPia.


Product Page [HealthPia]


SiDiary ([]) has been available for years and runs on any smartphone. or pda It interfaces with all glucometers, syncs with your PC, recommends dosing based on carbs and recent readings, charts your readings and your dosing, plus much more. It's free to try and $20 to buy.

My Type 1 son ran it on his Motorola Q phone for several years until we got him on a insulin pump.