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Integrity Applications has figured out a way to measure blood sugar on-the-spot without breaking the skin. GlucoTrack is a non-invasive glucometer that uses a combination of ultrasound, conductivity and heat capacity to measure glucose levels via an ear clip. The product is to undergo phase 2 clinical trials in the next month or two in Israel, Spain and the United States. According to Integrity Applications:

The device is battery operated and includes 2 subunits: Main Unit, containing Display and Control, Transmitter, Receiver and Processor, and "Earring" unit, containing Sensors and Calibration Electronics, to be attached (externally clipped) to the earlobe, so that the monitoring is done non-invasively.


If this device makes it through its trials, soon diabetics will be able to quickly check their blood sugar levels without that pin-pricking routine that becomes such a daily annoyance.

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