We like to follow hybrid vehicles around here, and now even pickup trucks are getting into the act. GM will reportedly roll out its first hybrid trucks—versions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra—for its Fall 2007 launch.

Our beloved greasemonkey brethren at Jalopnik tell us the techo-goodness inside is called dual-mode hybrid, where GM and their buddies at BMW and DaimlerChrysler have figured out how to hook up two separate connections into the hybrid system and shoehorn all that into the standard-sized transmission case. One of those connections is for low-speed, high load-type operations, and another for high-speed, freeway-type, lighter load-type operations. Bottom line? 25% better fuel economy, and 365hp.


We're hard-pressed to get excited about pickup trucks, no matter what's under the hood. Although these pickups will have plenty of power as well as better gas mileage, it still seems to us like drinking a Diet Coke to wash down a gigantic chocolate sundae.

Being Greenish: Silverado, Sierra to be GM's First Hybrid Trucks; Fall 2007 Launch [Jalopnik]