Good news. The GMail code has been update to reflect storage growth over the next five years. The schedule?…2800MB: Already reached
2835MB: In 18.22 days
2980MB: In 384 days
3125MB: In 749 days
3270MB: In 1114 days
3415MB: In 1479 days
3560MB: In 1845 days


Is it horrible that my first thought was, "only 3.47G"? While my box is still below 10% full, or 90% empty (gasp), wait...that whole inverse full-to-empty relationship just blew my mind.

I love that we live in a world where one can bitch about only getting 3.5G of free email storage, and that Google is upgrading our accounts without getting all "platinum membership" on us. Very classy.

GMail Upgrade [via digg]