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Go Back to School With Dazed and Confused and Its Remarkable Cast

Illustration for article titled Go Back to School With emDazed and Confused/em and Its Remarkable Cast

Today, all around the country, kids are headed back to school—some facing, for the first time, the cruel hierarchy of high school hallways. In solidarity with America's teens, let's all head back to that place with Dazed and Confused. Alright, alright, alright.


On some level, you can relate to this movie. You were a burner, you were a jock, you were a nerd, you were somewhere in between all of those things, but you felt social pressures on all fronts. Basically the message is just everyone just wants to fit in. It's high school! Although this is a glorified portrayal of it, it's a classic one.


Think back for a second—it's not even the main characters that are the best characters in Dazed and Confused. It's those secondary supporting players that really made the movie what it was. There's Parker Posey playing the freshman-hazing ringleader chick, spitting out the "wipe that face off your head, bitch" to an incoming ninth grader. There's Ben Affleck playing O'Bannion, the asshole second-year senior on his victory lap, but harassing freshman with more zeal than anyone.

Then there's the character of Tony—the one who has the sex dream involving Abraham Lincoln. And of course, you can't forget Matthew McConaughey as David "you know what I love about these high school girls" Wooderson. Take your pick, because the cast deep and the characters—themselves the embodiment of stereotypes—are unforgettable. Because seriously, you can't look at Matthew McConaughey playing the stoic Rust Cohle in True Detective without him in the back of your mind going deep about remembering to keep living, man, L-I-V-I-N.[Amazon]

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Dazed and confused is the slice-of-nightlife of the 70's what american graffiti was to it's night in the 50's. I've always wondered what the movie that captures the in-the-shoes-of-the 90's will be like. Still hoping to see it.