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Nothing goes better with salty kettle cooked chips than a good swig of ice cold ash beer. You know, the kind of beer that comes from a bottle that's been used by wasted, ignorant and inconsiderate party people as a designated ashtray. You know, the very bottle you were drinking before you had to leave it unattended to go relieve your bladder.

If that party's hosts would have had the presence of mind to distribute a few of these $8 funnel-like "Ashhole" bottle-top ashtrays from designer Daniel Harper, perhaps I could have been avoided the tasty concoction. Simply snap it on a (preferably empty) beer bottle, and it instantly converts to a handy ashtray. Even the most inebriated of fools will then be able to tell where to ash, and where to drink.


At least, I hope so. -DP

The Ashhole [Elsewares]

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