Go home, evolution. You're drunk.

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Seen here is a blobfish. Here's a description of the blobfish from our new favorite tumblr, WTF Evolution?:

"Blobfish? So, I'm just making it look like a blob?"

"Yeah, basically."

"Can I do a nose? I love doing noses."

"Sure, evolution, whatever."

More awesome here. You're welcome.



I've always liked that Ziggy character. Remember Ziggy? Well I think it'd be super cute if I made a real one.

Really, I think that's a terrible idea. Don't do it.

C'mon, it'll be great. You'll probably want one of your own. Aaaaand BAM!....Well.......well shit.

Oh for fuck's sake...Put it somewhere deep or something. Fucking Christ just get rid of it.