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Go Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser, Right Now

Illustration for article titled Go Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser, Right Now

Remember Super Mario 64, the game that made your childhood, and probably introduced you to 3-D gaming? Well, it's back. And you don't need to go digging around in the attic to play it.


Developer Roystan Ross rebuilt the first level of the game, apparently as a proof-of-concept demo for his Super Character Controller project for Unity. Because it's built on Unity's deeply-integrated platform, you can fire the game up in any browser (provided you've got the web player installed, that is).

The level isn't a perfect recreation of the original, with a few minor details missing. But it's close enough that it feels like the real thing, and my fingers still twitch in all the right sort of ways. Go try it yourself (oh, and good luck actually going to sleep tonight). [Roystan Ross via TechCrunch]

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I could make it in HTML5 without a plugin but I do not have the time.