Godzilla Rules the Earth in His Newest Anime Movie Trailer

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We’ve already had a tiny glimpse of the first Godzilla anime movie, but this new trailer gives us an even fuller look at the film’s crazy premise—namely, that Godzilla defeated humanity, forcing the remnants to escape to outer space. But it also gives us our best look at this newest version of big G himself, in all his anime glory.

Set in the far future, Monster Planet follows a detachment of soldiers who come from the descendants of the humans that fled Earth when Godzilla first made himself known and trashed the planet. However, the homeworld they return to is very different from the one they left behind thousands of years in their past—not only has nature reclaimed the planet, but it’s teeming with monsters. Oh, and being King of the Monsters, Godzilla’s very much in charge.

It’s pretty weird that Godzilla has been around for so long without an anime movie of his own (although the terrible U.S. reboot in the ‘90s did inspire several cartoons), but at least this is really going places with its bizarro scifi premise. Lasers and futuristic spaceships versus Godzilla? Yes please.


Godzilla: Monster Planet hits theaters in Japan this year, and will debut on Netflix in the west in 2018.