Good News, Everyone!

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Six thousand, six hundred and sixty-two posts after I first started writing here at Gizmodo, I'm about to type the words that I never thought would ever dribble forth from my keyboard: I'm the new editor of Gizmodo. After working with Joel Johnson, John Biggs and Brian Lam all these years and absorbing all the lessons and insights about blogging they left in this sweat, tear and who-knows-what-else-stained Editor's hat, it's time for me to pick it up and shove my head in. Brian will of course still be around in his new position as editorial director, but the new title gives me a chance to help take Gizmodo from being the best written, most interesting and most readable gadget blog out there to the site that everybody—even people who are only kinda into tech—can't wait to consume every single day. Of course, there's nobody more responsible than the guys who are working here with me every day (Adam, Adrian, Benny, Chris, Dan, Dave, Elaine, Jack, Jesus, John, John, Kit, Logan, Mark, Matt, Sean and Wilson), who help make Giz my, and your, favorite place to pass the time, be entertained and be informed. How we're going to continue to do this in the future is to go beyond just covering trade shows, gadget news or even writing phenomenal features, but to expand and tap into the entire culture of what it means to be a gadget fan.


The new gig also calls for me taking on more management duties, which means you'll seldom see any more 12-post days from me unless the entire East Coast, Midwest and West Coast teams are wiped out from a sexy robot uprising. But that doesn't mean you won't see me on the site; the number one reason why Gizmodo is the best job I could ever dream of isn't because of all the cool tech we get to see, but because we get to write, and do so in the most unfiltered environment you can imagine for a publication of this size. Here's what the news hopefully means for you: more of what you like, less of what you don't. My email's always open, so drop me a message when you've got an opinion about how we're doing. Gracias. Some more good news: that photo above was taken when I was on vacation last week, right before I got engaged to the unlucky lady whose shoulder is the only thing remaining after I cropped the rest of her out (she's shy). [Dilbert Strip] Apologies to Professor Farnsworth for aping his phrase.



Geez, how come no one offered me the job? I have no experience in being a major web site editor, but I am good at finding questionable pictures to upload to your site, so that has to be worth something, right?

Congratulations, Jason!! I know you will do an amazing job. Not as amazing as I would have done, but [sigh] oh well.