Goofy Stopped by DuckTales and Canonized the Cutest Couple in Disney History

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DuckTales went meta in its season three premiere when Donald and his nephews found themselves trapped in a ‘90s sitcom, but that wasn’t the coolest thing that happened. Goofy stopped by for his first cameo, sharing some wisdom with Donald about the importance of memories and in doing so, he melted our nostalgic hearts with one memorable photo.

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“Quack Pack!” was a trip back in time to the days of the Disney Afternoon, when shows like Goof Troop, TaleSpin, and yes, Quack Pack, ruled the airwaves. The episode was a trippy experiment in fourth-wall-breaking that I was sometimes surprised worked as well as it did, but then again this version of DuckTales has never failed to astound and impress me.


The series got its sitcom-esque “friendly neighbor” cameo in the form of Goofy, who stopped by to offer Donald some sound advice and wacky hijinks in equal measure. When Donald got upset that none of his photos of Huey, Dewey, and Louis looked “perfect,” Goofy pulled out his photo wallet to show that it’s not about achieving the ideal picture but about cherishing the memory behind it.

Through the photos, he shared a story of the time he and Max went on a roller coaster. Goofy was terrified and got stuck, with Max having to rescue him and throw him into a cotton candy machine. The photos are ridiculous but the memory was timeless. But that’s not the only photo we see! Not only do we see PJ in one of the roller coaster pics, but we also see a couple of separate photos of Max. One with him dressed in a Powerline costume for Halloween...and the other of him and Roxanne at the prom.

That’s right, Max and Roxanne are together, and the world makes sense.

Roxanne was Max’s love interest in 1995's A Goofy Movie. Originally written as a stereotypical popular girl character named Dolores, the character transformed into someone who was more sweet and socially awkward than extroverted. She was seen in an episode of House of Mouse after the movie release but was mysteriously absent from the Goofy sequel movie. And in Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas she was replaced with a new girlfriend named Mona, with Roxanne seemingly never to be seen again. There had been speculation that a background character glimpsed in some of the DuckTales reboot’s earlier episodes was a reference to the character, but now here she is photographic form, at least!


In any case, it makes my nostalgic fangirl happy to know that Max and Roxanne were “endgame.” Maybe not through a long-term adult relationship—high school relationships are really tough to keep going through so many life changes!—but at least through their high school days.


DuckTales airs on DisneyXD. A Goofy Movie is available to watch on Disney+ for those who want to believe true love exists.

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