Google+ Adds Improved Hangouts, Search, Now Open to Everyone

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It's been nearly 90 days since Google unveiled Google+. And unlike Buzz and Wave, Google+ actually seems to be resonating with people. Today, Google's opening the social network up to all comers, and endowing it with a host of new features.


Hangouts got the majority of the attention today. Mobile Hangouts can now be initiated You can join a Hangout on Android devices with 2.3 or later, with iOS support on the way. Google's also introducing Hangouts on Air, which is like a intimate live-stream broadcast that can be recorded while up to nine other friends can watch your "show."

Hangouts also gets screensharing to share your screen with friends. Duh. Sketchpad is there too to allow groups to work on doodles together. And Google Docs jumps in as well, for exciting document manipulation while staring at each other. You can finally give your Hangout a name, like No Girlz Allowed or Pleaz Send More Girlz or whatever.

Google also added search to Google+, which seems a little late for a company that makes all its money getting you to search? And lastly, they've made it so that anyone can join, no invite required. So now you have no excuse not to sign up for yet another social network that will connect you with all those jerks you hated back in high school. [Twitter]


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