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Google Cancels Chinese Nexus One Developer Event (To Prove a Point?)

Illustration for article titled Google Cancels Chinese Nexus One Developer Event (To Prove a Point?)

Joking they were not, when Google vowed to take down China. Ok, that's not exactly what they said—but after refusing to launch two Android phones there mid-January, they've now pulled out of a developers event in Beijing. Updated.


Following developer events at TED and MWC (plus the upcoming GDC), they were scheduled to tour around Asia, visiting Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing with armfuls of Nexus Ones to give away. Really driving the point home, they've pulled out ahead of the event next week. Not launching Android phones from Motorola and Samsung is one thing, but no Nexus Ones? This could be the end of China's censorship, for once and for all. [Reuters]


Update: A Google spokesperson contacted All Things D to set the record straight: Google didn't cancel any event in Beijing, because there was no Beijing stop on the Nexus One tour to start with.

The spokesperson explained: "The reports are incorrect...There was not a Nexus One launch event scheduled in Beijing. Google is hosting 3 Android Developer Labs in Asia over the next couple weeks in Singapore, Taipei, and Hong Kong...We never planned to hold an Android Developer Lab in Beijing, and suggestions that we did plan one are not true." [All Things D]

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Hearthatvoiceagain hates the new layout

Hang on, Google had a developer event at Macworld? I thought they were moving away from evil empires, not towards them.