Google Currents Might Be the Coolest Thing Google Has Ever Made

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If you need a reminder that Google can still make cool stuff, check out their latest app for iOS and Android: Google Currents. It's pretty much a Flipboard clone in that the app turns web content (news sources, rss feeds, etc.) into a slick digital magazine with awesome visuals.

Google Currents takes content that's available on websites you already go to (like us and many others!) and then reformats the content into a more digestible and easy on the eyes format. Basically, it's what you already read optimized for your tablet and phone. If you're familiar with Flipboard, which is one of the best tablet apps around, it's pretty much the same idea, transforming web content into magazines.

It's dead simple to add more content to Google Currents and you can even add RSS, video and photo feeds, Google Reader subscriptions and Google+ streams (haha). What's also noteworthy is that the app looks and works great on every platform, from Android tablets and iPads to iPhones and Android phones. Check it out, it's free and could very well be the coolest thing Google has ever made. [Android Market, iTunes via Google Mobile Blog]