Google Developer Hints at Possibility of an Internet Without Site Log-ins

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Today in a post on his personal blog, Google developer Tim Bray wrote elliptically of a project he's working on that could—if he means what I think he means—radically change our experience of using the Internet—for the better.

"Logging in is annoying and slows you down. My job these days is mostly about reducing that pain, ideally to zero by eliminating it. Google really wants this to happen."

Logging in is annoying. Between your various online banking passwords and user names, Amazon, eBay, every social network you belong to, Netflix, however many accounts you have with online retailers like ShopBop or Sephora or Petco or where ever—it can be a sort of nightmare trying to keep track of all your passwords and user names.

Sure, it isn't sooo bad, now that more sites will ask if you'd like have them remember your password for future visits. But still.


What an Internet free of log-ins would look like, exactly, it's difficult to imagine. Just how literally does Google want to execute this plan? At this point, it's all speculation off an early-stage project. But if Bray's post is any indication of where Google is in fact headed, we certainly have something to look forward to. [BGR]

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"certainly have something to look forward to"

A massive walled garden or Internet ID. Neither is particularly good.