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Google Has Its Own Alternative to GitHub: Cloud Source Repositories

Illustration for article titled Google Has Its Own Alternative to GitHub: Cloud Source Repositories

If you work with code every day, you’re likely used to GitHub—a place to store code with all the revision history you ever need. Now, though, Google has its own take on the service, open as a beta release for you to use for free.


VentureBeat has unearthed the new service, which is called Cloud Source Repositories. Sitting on Google’s Cloud Platform, it provides many of the features that GitHub does, allowing you to browse, edit and commit repository files in Google’s own source code editor. You can snag yourself free beta access on the site.

It’s unlikley that Google will suddenly usurp the likes of GitHub in the world of inline code repositories. Indeed, the company even points out that its Cloud Source Repositories system “can connect... to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket” allowing you to use both. Still, it seems likely that Google has hopes of becoming a one-st0p-shop for development, from storing code to deploying software. This is, perhaps, just the start. [Cloud Source Repositories via VentureBeat]


Image by Michael Himbeault under Creative Commons license

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After the google code fiasco, I’m not sure how many developers will want to host their project on google again...