Google Is Finally Installing Gigabit Fiber In Kansas City Homes

It feels like we've been hearing about Google Fiber in Kansas City forever. Though a few people have gotten to use the blazing-fast service, Google has only been accepting applications for the service for most of the city. Well today, the Google Fiber installations begin in earnest.


In the video above, Google describes how the installation will work for the lucky Kansas City "Fiberhoods" that will be first to get the fastest Internet in the country. And it looks as though Google will treat the job with professionalism and its customers with courtesy. GASP:

We've found that the difference between dreading an installation and feeling like you had a good experience comes down to us caring about the details that matter the most to you. For example, we'll show up when we're supposed to-at the start of your appointment, not somewhere in the middle. We'll clean up any mess; each installer carries a vacuum cleaner. And we'll answer your questions and teach you about your devices-don't be afraid to ask us questions, or to ask us to explain something again in simpler language.


So a knowledgable technician will show up on time and treat you with respect? That's more than we can say for, you know, every other ISP in the world. We'll believe it when we see it. [Google]

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As someone who has done similar kinds of work his entire life, I think them saying they will be there at the beginning of the window is a bad idea. The reason you have the window is because you don't know what your going to run into on an install. You may have to run you cables in a way that is not simple at all and since these houses are not gonna be pre-wired for fiber they are going to have to pull one in. I think the best move is for the technician in any situation such as this is to give a call when en-route to the location with a very good ETA.