Getting to one destination and then having to input your next destination manually? Who has the time? Years of your life have been wasted with this arduous task. But now, finally (or, rather, once again) you can add multiple destinations all at once in Google Maps.

You simply type in your first destination, hit the plus sign, and add your next one. Definitely handy for planning road-trips. It's still not the day we're dreaming of, though, where you're already driving, and you can say, "Shit, Google, I'm almost out of gas. Find me the closest gas station on my route." Then it would direct you to the nearest one ahead of you, and then back onto your route. We'd also like to see this applied to specific types of cuisine. Maybe someday.



Google has a couple other cool features rolling out. Maps will be able to pull some of your information out of Google Now, so if you search for, say JFK Airport, it will show you your upcoming flight out of JFK. The same goes for hotel or restaurant reservations. It's not a game-changer, but it'll save you a few clicks.



This same Google Now-ishness is coming to events. If you search for directions to a specific venue you'll be able to peruse the schedule of upcoming events. Could be fun if you're trying to find some good music nearby.


We should start to see these new changes rolling out on the web version of Google Maps starting today. Reservations and events should also be coming to Android and iOS Maps apps soon (U.S. only, for now). [Google Maps Blog]