If there's one thing Google can do to help make its messaging better than ever, it's to kill the hulking zombie that is Google Voice and transplant its good parts into the still-living Google Hangouts. It hasn't happened yet, but now there's evidence in the Hangouts app that it might be coming soon.


Deep in the Hangouts app there is a buried menu that offers a "Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts" option, which would presumably let you murder your own personal Google Voice account so that its soul could be reborn in Hangouts. Redditor dude2k5 even made a video proving it's really there.

The menu does not actually work, unfortunately, but its existence definitely suggests that Google is (still) working on merging the two services like it should have a year ago. It also comes alongside news that Google has discontinued a Hangouts by SMS feature that send Hangouts messages over SMS when no data connection was available (in a few select countries, not including the U.S.) Things are shifting and maybe it means a shake-up is finally coming. Hopefully a good one. [Droid Life, Reddit]

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