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Google Moves to Put Printing In the Cloud

Google hinted at their aspirations towards putting everything—including printing—in the cloud when they first announced Chrome OS last year. Today, they're taking the first steps with Google Cloud Print: a vision of a web, mobile, and desktop printing ecosystem without drivers. Presumably, you'll be able to print from any device to any printer in the world.

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It's a project that's in the earliest days, but Google has announced an API to get things started. And it's not a far-fetched vision, given Google's cloud capabilities. The bigger question might be why they feel the need to do this, when the majority of the time you print something it's going to be to something in your home. Combine that with the inherent privacy concerns that come any time you ship something off to Google's (or anyone else's) servers, and this seems like a fun party trick that doesn't necessarily add up to much. But we'll see what happens once it's further along in development. [Google Chromium Blog]

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Brian, I've had many times where it would've been handy to print something off at home while I'm at work. Not to mention, if this even slightly alleviates the headache of printer drivers, I'd install for home use even if being cloud-based did nothing else.

That being said, in my days I've seen Google map the entire U.S. from space, convert images from a cell phone camera into an internet search and, oh yeah, make the internet useful with that search engine. But I am less than convinced that such an entity exists, in the entire world, that can make printers work properly.

Not even Google.