With More Than 70 New Apps, Google Now Just Got Way More Useful

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Google Now is the opt-in, “just a swipe away” assistant that keeps track of everything going on in your digital life. It’s a powerful little tool meant to usurp all the Siri and Cortana alternatives, and Google made a huge stride today to make that happen, adding over 70 new apps to Google Now like Spotify, Feedly, and RunKeeper.


Google’s director of product management Aparna Chennapragada recently let slip that many more third-party apps would be coming to Google Now, and now he’s delivering on that promise. You can take a look at all the new partners right here, and many well-known apps have some neat tricks. For example, Spotify can now deliver curated playlists to Google Now based on your listening habits. All the other apps offer equally similar lite experiences that tap into the main app on your smartphone, just like every other Google Now card.

Of course, you’ll need the latest version of the Google app to tap into these passive awareness superpowers. But if you do, you’ll find there’s a lot more it can do for you. [Google Inside Search Blog]


Les Mikesell

Does that mean we’ll get extra ads and notifications from all 70 new partners or just the ones where we already have the app installed?