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Google is all about packing that holiday cheer into its services this year. First with its auto-snowy, auto-twinkly pictures, and now with Google Now Christmas carol karaoke. Just pull out your Android device, suggest "let's go caroling" and you'll be drowning in merriment before you can say "get behind me Santa."


Once you say—or type, you scrooge—the magic words, Google's search will pop up a list of you six tunes. Then after you pick, you'll get some good old follow-the-bouncing-ball type singalong fun. Or terror, depending on how you look at it.

Chances are you don't necessarily want or need accompaniment if you're (somehow) in the mood for caroling, but it's still a neat little easter Christmas egg. But I'm waiting for the hidden trick that makes Google Now dispense the requisite supply of eggnog needed to grease the skids before the singing starts. [Reddit]

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