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Is there anything that Google doesn't have it's grubby little hands on these days? Up until today we thought that cars were off of their radar, but we were wrong. Their philanthropic division,, is moving into the plug-in hybrid market. What is that you ask? Basically they are full on electric cars that you plug into an outlet, but they also have a gas tank.


Google said they are prepared to spend over $10 million dollars in grants to accelerate the plug-In hybrid adoption rate. And that the plug-in hybrid version (Is that a hybrid hybrid?) of the Toyota Prius gets 73.6 mpg, a full 32.7 mpg more.

Wow, just think how smug these plug-in hybrid owners will be, when regular hybrid owners already love the smell of their own farts. Maybe the people in this video will be a good indicator?


Google Searches for it's Zap [TreeHugger]

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