Google Photovine Lets You Create Social Photo Collections

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Google may be launching a new photosharing service called Photovine. The big G owns and just launched a teaser page with an iPhone encircled by some lovely vines.

According to its FAQ, Photovine is apparently more about connecting with people than sharing photos with your friends. The service lets you build a photo collection around an idea or theme using photos submitted by other members of the social network. These collections are called vines and include a caption or theme like mountain hiking. The vine will grow when users begin adding their own photos that contribute to this theme.

It's "uber public" and meant for people to share their personal experiences freely so they can connect with others. Images will be moderated so this freedom of expression does have its limits (no Weiner-style crotch shots, fellas).


The service is being developed by Slide, a subsidiary of Google that is also behind Instagram wannabe Pool Party. [Photovine via Business Insider]

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why it would deploy on google's competitor's OS...

and don't say money.