Google Search Now Has a (I'll Probably Never) Watchlist

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There is entirely too much content out there—so much so that plenty of folks find it quite literally overwhelming. And trying to keep track of all those horror movies and melodramatic reality shows and whodunnits starring Chris Evans in a cable knit sweater (oh ok, fine. There’s only one of those. But I’m optimistic for the future.)

Anyway, it’s become one everlasting treadmill of a first-world problem. One that Google Search’s new “Watchlist” may not solve exactly, but it might make things a little easier. And it’ll absolutely help clear out my haphazardly organized Google docs and notes cataloging recommendations I’ll likely never get around to actually watching.

As first spotted by 9to5Google this week, now your Google Search results for TV shows and movies also include some handy dandy “Watchlist” and “Watched it?” bookmark icons built into the content’s knowledge panel.


If whatever you want to watch is still in theatres, it gets an additional “Get tickets” that sends you to Google’s “Showtimes” tab. And if that content’s already available on Youtube, a “Watch now” button appears alongside the others.

According to 9to5Google, this feature’s still being rolled out and for now only appears to be available on the web via mobile as well as the iOS and Android Google apps. We reached out to Google about any potential timeline for its implementation, and will update this article should we hear back.

Putting a TV show or movie on your Watchlist adds it to a Collection, which also makes it available from your Collections hub. There it’s all nicely in one place, ready for you to peruse whenever you’re plagued by that infernal question I can only assume haunts every last one of God’s creatures: What the hell should I watch?



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Collections was launched as a leftover from Google Plus and is a pinetrest competitor that isn’t making inroads i’d not count on this existing for more than 2 years before being graveyarded..