Google Search Updates: Less Content Farm Spam, More Recipes

Two awesome things are happening with Google's search engine. First, Google is finally going after the content farms that flood their search results with posts that care more about SEO than content. Wanting to filter that noise out, Google is pushing forward a new search algorithm which identifies posts from those types sites and lowers their search rank. That makes it harder for these sites to make it to the top of a results page for any given search string. It will affect approximately 12% of all queries on Google.

Google also has a new Recipe Search feature, which narrows down search results to cooking and food related sites. It will help you find specific dishes and recipes according to specific foods and regions, cook times, caloric levels and traditional meals for holidays and cultural events. You can even look for recipes from favorite chefs. The feature is live now, so try it out for yourself on the sidebar of the Google results page. [Google and Google]


I didn't see the recipe feature, but I did see lots of ehow and howstuffworks. Yawn. Maybe it's time to bring back Sherlock. Also, is there a way to turn off their localization? That's the last thing I need. The whole point of the internet is NOT to be localized.