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Google Settling with the US Government for $500 Million for Selling Drugs

Illustration for article titled Google Settling with the US Government for $500 Million for Selling Drugs

Google's in a bind. Government regulators will announce later today that they've reached a settlement for Google's showing ads for companies that sell illegal drugs. $500 million for purported illegal advertising practices. And, this time, it may not be Google fault.


They were more of an unwilling patsy. In truth, Google's has tried to root out advertising scammers for some time, making new rules and even taking some to court. But, as Google complained, such companies, illegal pharmacies included, often find ways to get around Google's policies. Hence the present investigation and expected settlement. The money Google's set aside for the announcement eats into their quarterly earnings by 22%. Ouch. [NYT via TechCrunch]


Image Credit: FikMik/Shutterstock

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This is really stupid. When is the government going to realize that no drugs should be illegal? Making marijuana illegal really doesn't make a big difference in whether or not people are using it. If people really wanted to smoke marijuana, they would be doing it regardless. The difference is that the government can make it safer for people to purchase, end much of the drug wars going on in their country, and capitalize on the buyers of these 'illegal' drugs.

Maybe there is some vested interest because of private prisons... I think watching TYT too much is messing with my head.

(P.S., I don't use any kind of illegal drugs, not because they're illegal, but just because I have never wanted to. My mom smokes 3 joints a day.)