SPACE INVADERS: World Defense, an immersive game powered by ARCore

By leveraging Google’s Streetscape Geometry API, which provides developers with access to “the geometry of terrain, buildings, or other structures in a scene” captured by a mobile device’s camera, the invaders from space will appear to fly behind terrain, buildings, or other structures. This will be more than aesthetic, as they’ll be temporarily safe from your attacks behind cover. They’ll also come flying out of warp holes that suddenly appear on the sides of buildings. Even the local weather at the time will be taken into effect, although how that will affect gameplay remains to be seen.


Whether or not the game will also allow the aliens to inflict simulated damage on the real world isn’t known yet, but it’s entirely possible using the Google Maps data now available to developers, as the appearance of buildings and other structures can be modified in real time. The bigger question, however, is whether or not players will be able to generate force fields, and then shoot through their own force fields in order to snipe at aliens passing overhead while remaining protected below. We’ll find out this summer when the game is officially released.