Google Wants to Buy Hulu?!

If it's true that Google really wants to buy Hulu, is it possible the streaming television will harmoniously exist under the same roof as YouTube? Will it be like Stepbrothers, where they initially hate each other, then end up best friends?

According to the LA Times, Google is in a bidding war with Yahoo and Microsoft for control of the service, which is being unloaded by the collective of cable networks who currently own it. Google TV would be a whole hell of a lot more functional if Hulu were in its stable, and im sure some of the excellent Hulu backend tech would work its way into YouTube, which would also be nice (autoplay, hello!)


And on a tangentially related note, you can now share Hulu vids on Facebook that point to a specific point in the video. I like the sound of that a lot. [LA Times and Hulu]


If MS is in the bidding, Google will lose. Ballmer isn't afraid to leverage his balance sheet or spend short term assets to acquire market share. If true, Google & MS are bidding, Google has to win, otherwise the perception on Wall Street will be negative for Google, especially after they just lost the Nortel patent auction. I wouldn't be surprised if Google overbids in an attempt to quash the negative sentiment. Hulu is a more natural fit for Google than MS (because of the nature of Hulu's revenue generation model). It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Whoever wins will have to pay a multiple that isn't realisitic in my opinion. Both bidders want it desperately. The winner could be the loser in the long term. Hulu will be the only winner between these two players.