Google Was Hacked by Chinese Politburo in January, WikiLeaks Docs Confirm

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By now you should've heard that WikiLeaks released a bunch of new files yesterday, which are being called "cables." The whole mess even has a "-gate" suffix! And sheds light on Google massive hack-attack last January...

If you remember, this was the act that provoked Google to threaten to pull out of China, after they hacked their hackers right back and discovered the big Gmail attack actually originated from the China government. Contained within WikiLeaks' documents yesterday was information backing up Google's suspicions, namely that it was actually the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China (a panel of 24 people who govern the Communist Party in China) that were behind the attacks.


The same group of people also reportedly hacked the Dalai Lama's email as well as many American companies since 2002. [The Guardian and TechCrunch]