Google Will Shut Street View Down For the Swiss, Unless They Put Up With Lack of Anonymity

Google's hitting Switzerland where it'll hurt, by threatening to take away their googlez (well, Street View), if the Swiss courts don't overturn a ruling which forces Google to ensure anonymity for anyone who happens to be snapped for Street View.

While other countries (hi, Germany!) have taken umbrage with Street View over privacy issues, Google's never slammed a country like this before. Grab the popcorn, Swiss readers, for this will be an interesting watch. [AP]


For those of you saying if you are out in public you have no anonymity you're wrong. That's not the ground they are suing Google about. I can go point a camera and take pictures of ANYONE I want. However I am NOT allowed to post those pictures for a service that makes a profit without my express permission so Google actually has no leg to stand on here because they using those pictures to promote a service that makes a profit. They are promoting from the use of your image without your permission and without them paying you.

That goes the same for license plates too.