Google's Handing Accidentally Acquired Data To Proper Authorities

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Remember the data that Google Street View cars accidentally collected from Wi-Fi networks while roaming streets? After some back-and-forth, the search engine company is handing the data over to the proper "data protection authorities".


According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the company is working on setting things right:

We screwed up. Let's be very clear about that. If you are honest about your mistakes it is the best defense for it not happening again.

Google will also "publish the results of an external audit" of the incident and conduct an internal audit of privacy practices. [FT]



Weren't they going to delete it? What is a data protection agency? Mozy? Carbonite? I absolutely don't trust this company at all.

I'm also not buying this aww-shucks attitude from Schmidt. They would like for us to believe they're this naive innocent company with completely altruistic motivations...bullshit. They're as dirty as any other multi-billion dollar company, probably even more so since they make more money when they know more about our 'private' proclivities.