Google's in the Business of Defining Words Now With Google Dictionary

This was kind of inevitable. Google Dictionary, I mean. It's a straight-up dictionary, yeah, but it has a few pretty Google-y features, like the ability to star words, if you're real forgetful, and you can search for words in multiple languages. It's also a fairly stripped interface, unlike a lot of dictionary sites, which is what I find most appealing.

Though I'll probably keep doing what I usually do, and just plug words into my browser's search bar when I wanna know what it means—why bother going to a separate dictionary site? [Google via LA Times]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

penis /p'iːnɪs/


* noun: pecker, dong, tool, phallus

penises plural

A man's penis is the part of his body that he uses when urinating and when having sex.

Really google, that's the best definition you can come up with haha? And those synonyms are pretty good.