Google's New Trend Visualizer Is a Truly Beautiful Thing

Illustration for article titled Googles New Trend Visualizer Is a Truly Beautiful Thing

Google's been logging data about hot trends ever since you started tip-tapping search terms into its front page, but now it's gone and made it look damn pretty with it.


The new full-screen visualization shows off the data that's been available as a staid list for a long time, but in glorious technicolor. Not hugely useful, but very pretty, and Google claims that it updates the trending searches as they happen—so it might be something nice to have on display on a big screen in an office, say.

It comes along with a new charts feature, too. The charts give a glimpse into the most-searched items with certain topics each month, from dog breeds to baseball teams. All this data is, obviously, more valuable to Google than anyone else, but it's nice that it's sharing it, and in such a beautiful, digestible form. [Google via Designer News]

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