Gorgeous Cameras and the Nerds Who Love Them

Biannual photography trade show Photokina took place last week in Cologne, Germany. It was a gathering of companies, journalists, and enthusiasts, all there to swoon over the latest camera gear. If you couldn't make the trip, gaze upon this symphonic ode to camera lovers everywhere.


Camera Geeks is a wonderful little creation by famed DSLR filmmaker and blogger, Philip Bloom. The video pulls you into the event and its devoted attendees in an almost poetic fashion. DANGER: You might be left with a new-found lust for photo gear, or a new-found fear of creepy dudes with cameras dangling from every body part.

And in classic Philip Bloom fashion, he details exactly what he used to shoot "Camera Geeks." It was a Canon 1DX and a 50mm f/1.2 lens that captured the scene so gorgeously. Bravo, Philip! [Vimeo via Philip Bloom]


Harry Sawyers

What is the single most gorgeous camera ever?